.Net developer? Get ready for your world to change. Node.JS is hitting the MS space.

An article that will wake you up “The Post .NET era”  this isn’t to say that things are “set in stone”.  The only thing I can say about Microsoft at this time is that I am completely unsure what their future holds.

I will start by providing real world examples. However, first you need to download Web Essentials for Visual Studio 2012

After you need to download Typescript.
If you want to play a little, they have a  lap around Typescript
Get it, learn it, love it. we don’t know where we are headed, don’t be left behind.

Look for Node on Azure and Node on Windows.

If you want to learn Node for Azure you can get to the link here.

A link to Node.js website can be found here

To run Node as a windows service you can find the link to the Non-Sucking Service Manager here.  Yes that is the real name.

Could this be the start of the Madness?

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