Added leap 4.5.1 Dll for Visual Studio 2013 Beta.!685

Same as 4.5 pattern. Again, not supported by Leap.

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Demo of the Actual Augmented living Beta. (work in progress)

Gesture based keyboard for the disabled or for AR gesture devices.

A Line of 2013 Patent Pending(R)

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Created the Leap 4.5 DLL (not supported by leap)

Created the Leap 4.5 DLL (not supported by leap)
C# DLL 4.5 leap LeapMotion. You are welcome 😛!682

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Logo and UI updates. Communications board

Darn close to done. Thanks again Duane Knight for the brilliant work!

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New Artwork arrived. Company and Application Logo’s

Thank you Duane Knight!
If you need artwork done he is incredible, affordable and fast.



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Some Progress .. New Communications Board.

Wired in email, internet, phone, weather. Added 5 keyboards, and gave the flow.

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Next steps in Augmented Development

Using the next step will guide us to mobile devices that can accept motion, project and have a camera.



Windows Phone: Many

What we build today is a solid POC and will guide future development and libraries.  I think there are things that are advancing quickly.


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Made some good progress overall


Video and Camera seem to be Alpha testing. I need more time with the keyboard arrangement, but all 5 setups are done.


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Sidetracked. Finishing up Advanced Communications Board.

Getting back on this. I was polishing this up for release and felt it really didn’t do enough.

I always wanted to be a writer. Making some choose your own adventure books for that gaming area later.

I love this stuff it’s fun.


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WeatherAlpha working



Need to add pictures to each day, and get the rest of the photo’s in. But the YQL concept form Yahoo is working.

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