Larpferno – code base started. – MonoGame – C# – Win 8.1

Started on the base framework for Items and Player Dwellings. Cabin Raiding rules, House Guards, Material “Enchantability” and the like.

Maintainability index is 93/90/95. Good stuff. – 600 solid lines


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Very simplistic example of Parallel.Foreach – C# – Faster UI

Keywords: WPF Winforms Slow UI C# speed increase

I am a developer by trade and I run into legacy Winform and WPF applications quite a bit.

I went to look for a simplistic Parallel.ForEach Example, and I couldn’t really find one.

In the constructor you will see something like this. Where everything is Synchronous and slow.

Since some of these are SQL calls unless I go the route of using the new SQL Asynchronous features (which would require a bit of real rework). I am going the lazy route:


First we want to load each into an Action.
var getUser = () => {GetUser()};
var loadWeapons = () => {LoadWeapons()};
var loadPlayer = () => {LoadPlayer()};
var loadLastKnownCombatLocation = () => {LoadLastKnownCombatLocation()};

//Create List (any IEnumerable should work)
var allActions = new List();

//the add can be done in the instantiation using {}’s instead

Parallel.ForEach(allActions, (e) => e.Invoke());

This is only solid in situations where UI is not dependent on another call first, IE LoadUser() may be needed to LoadPlayer(), You can easily make a parallel for all data pulls then another for all
UI updating.

–Augmented Developer

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Running Give Camp.. Hope you can make it! April 12-13 2014 Alpharetta

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Augmented Living using Netflix (Windows 7-8RT C#)

How to use Augmented Living to watch Netflix.

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Augmented Living – Communications Application for the Disabled (C# – Windows 7-8RT)

You can use any input device that will act as a mouse or Leap or Kinect.

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Leap with Augmented Living on Windows 8 RT (C#)

Here is a situation where someone could use the application with one finger, if somehow disabled.

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C# Training week one rehash.


I have been asked over the years where to start learning how to code, or where to start learning C#.  This in itself will not be teaching you c#, that would be redundant and I am not sure I could do as good of a job as those like Jesse Liberty did on this Scratch course.

I will be helping you learn C#, through pointing you pre-reviewed concentrated training videos and samples.  Pluralsight will be our main content source. They are the best at what they do and I lean heavily on them monthly to learn new technologies.  Since there is so much information available I figured I would give you a list to follow to get you on your way.
C# is a fairly easy and forgiving language.

This course  not meant to be any specific amount of time.  Some of you may fly through this training in hours and others in weeks.

First we will learn code, what is and how to manipulate objects.
Then we will place that code in some sort of User Interface (commonly called a UI) , this is like a web site page or a WPF/Windows 8 application.
Then we will learn data manipulation
Then patterns.

You should be able to apply this knowledge to any current job, where you handle any kind of business process daily or IT work. You will also be able to handle any Junior technical interview by the time we have written against Mobile, Web, Desktop.  Consumed Data from a file, XML, Web Service, Odata Service, and Cloud storage.

It took me almost 2 years of coding on my own time to get a job as a developer.  So I cannot guarantee you work.  Though I can to help you give yourself the skills you would need to get a job if one was available.

I run a Microsoft user group and help organize the Atlanta Code Camp for Microsoft.

This year Give Camp is March 28-30th at the Microsoft Building.  I am handling sponsors this year if any of you want to help (that is the recruiters).

Fun stuff____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Download Visual Studio 2013 Express from or use your MSDN subscription if you have one.

If you have MSDN Download VS2012 Premium or Ultimate (update to work with windows 8 if needed)

If you do not:

Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Express for windows desktop

.Net Framework 4.0

.Net Framework 4.5

Optional:  SQL Server 2012 (since express comes with studio Id use that for now and we can upgrade you later when you need SSIS etc).


Web Platform Installer:
Training Site:

First Training Videos:
Questions I will need answered before you get a next lesson.

What is a Variable?

What is a class?

What is an interface?

Which inherits and which implements?

In common tongue what value’s do these types hold? (C#)





Why is Boolean (bool) so important?

Most business logic relies on this.

Is my ticket cleared? If(ticket.Cleared)

Has my customer paid? If(bill.Paid == bill.Total)

Is my invoice old? If(bill.Duedate < DateTime.Now)

Markup Languages

Is HTML Markup?

Is C# Markup?

Is XAML Markup?

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