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Install Cumulative Hotfixes For BizTalk, NOTE: Download from the same x86/x64 environment that the machine runs on. The hotfix will load according to your browser being x64 or x86.

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VM Day 2011, some work arounds for a motherboard that doesn’t normally support 2008R2 x64

For some reason the Windows 2008R2 requires some drivers for my Asus SaberTooth 990FX Motherboard.  They are normally RAID Drivers or chipset, pointing to all 40 of each and none of them worked, however this board normally doesn’t seem to support server.   So Install a base copy of Windows 7 then install Windows 2008 R2 from there.  Even happens for VM’s.

Once loaded, go ahead and use the Asus Drivers in Compatibility Mode.  Right Click [Asus]Setup.EXE -> Properties, go to compatibility Mode settings and run as Windows 7.  In my case I used the Vista/Win7 x64 drivers in compatibility mode.

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Setting up Windows 8 Developer Preview on VM.

Download the preview here:

Used the same instructions for setting up the VM (only the VM point)  when you get to the ability to mount you can point directly to the Preview ISO:

Even Sound works properly, I tested the piano application and it ran smoothly

Once started you can get install like so ( I went with customized install instead of Express).

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MVC4 Mobile Application

Very nice setup for templating Tablet and Mobile devices.  Uses JQuery Mobile and some features from HTML5 like CSS Media Queries for sizing pictures.

Partial Views allow for easy maintanance, Like turning li into td etc.  When you are swithing from Web to Mobile.
Tested with Firefox User Agent and with my Android tablet, Windows Phone and iPhone.  MVC4 seems to know what device is calling the web site.

Excellent work, this is more of a placeholder for digging deeper later this holiday season.

void Application_Start()
DisplayModes.Modes.Insert(0, newDefaultDisplayMode("Android")
                ContextCondition = (context => context.Request.UserAgent.IndexOf("Android", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >= 0)
DisplayModes.Modes.Insert(0, newDefaultDisplayMode("WindowsPhone")
                ContextCondition = (context => context.Request.UserAgent.IndexOf("Windows Phone OS", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >= 0)
DisplayModes.Modes.Insert(0, newDefaultDisplayMode("iPhone")
                ContextCondition = (context => context.Request.UserAgent.IndexOf("iPhone", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >= 0)
@if (Request.Browser.IsMobileDevice && Request.HttpMethod == "GET")
<divclass="view-switcher ui-bar-a">
        @if (ViewContext.HttpContext.GetOverriddenBrowser().IsMobileDevice)
            @: Displaying mobile view
            @Html.ActionLink("Desktop view", "SwitchView", "ViewSwitcher", new { mobile = false, returnUrl = Request.Url.PathAndQuery }, new { rel = "external" })
            @: Displaying desktop view
            @Html.ActionLink("Mobile view", "SwitchView", "ViewSwitcher", new { mobile = true, returnUrl = Request.Url.PathAndQuery }, new { rel = "external" })
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Android ViewSonic G-Tablet BlueTooth iConnex Fix

I wasn’t going to post this since it it extremely specific. However after looking around the i-Connex and android Modding are not all that uncommon.

I have a GTablet, the best thing about it is how open ViewSonic made it to modding.    After installing pretty much every mod made for the device I ended up with FlashBack 10.1 since it used HD, the maketplace worked, flash worked, my SD card worked and the only thing that didn’t work was the bluetooth, and almost no stack works with all bluetooth devices.  You would be surprised that most Mods, cannot do all of those things, while most can do most.  GTabComb came in second with a broken marketplace when trying to purchase free apps.  VeganTab a solid 3rd, but it’s downfall was lack of HD support.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. select the Freedom Connect then select Android 2.0 or 3.0 this will download the APK for the bluetooth device.

Step 3.  Make sure you are hitting the pairing embedded key when you are trying to connect. (This is similar to a old linksys router reset button. You will need a ball point pen or somethign small.

Step 4. The android device will tell you to punch in a code.  You do so and it connects.

This was the only fully functioning ROM and to be honest after 3 weekend days of just playing around and re-clock-work-modding/Flashing my device over and over I am glad to be done with it.  However, since if I knew all this to start. I would highly recommend this device since it’s about 200~- 250 on ebay and can easily compete with an IPad, Xoom etc.

Wanted to save others the hassle/headache.

i-Connex user guide (same commands for most)

Setup for another keyboard

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Failed to register isolated receiver for address

ServiceActivationException: The service “/MyService/Service.svc” cannot be activated due to an exception during compilation. The exception message is: Failed to register isolated receiver for address “/MyService/Service.svc”; receive location does not exist or is disabled..]

Fix : This requires that the user that is being used for the application pool in IIS is part of the Biztalk Isolated Host users.

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Updated Thought-Leadership page :)

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