Leap DLL’s 1.0.8 – 4.5 C#

Added Interactionbox etc. C#

Leap 4.5 DLL x86 1.0.8

Leap 4.5.1 DLL x64 1.0.8

Leap 4.5.1 DLL x86 1.0.8

Your welcome!

-Augmented Developer

keywords missing interactionbox
leap c# dll visual studio 2013 2012

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New UI Video

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New UI (again) – Moving to metro.


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Final Alpha UI look

Had to remove the third pane and put the later 2 as one to increase the readability.

Should have Pandora and Facebook usage demo’s up soon.


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Neat stuff, Netflix with eye movement or lip or finger movement alone.

Good stuff 😉

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