Taking a minor break to catch up on the MCPD Windows/Web/Azure Tracks

Not blogging  as much due to test cram time.  I have found the holidays seems to be the best time to cram.   I should have this knocked out by early February and I can get on the BizTalk versus or with AppFabric/WF investigations

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Joined a Microsoft Speakers group : INETA for BizTalk, WCF, AppFabric

 I think I’m the only BizTalk developer on there (I had to ask them to add BizTalk as a section).  So if you are aspiring to be a speaker and can easily present well thought out presentations on the latest and Greatest, then definitely sign up.  We need you onboard! ( I only cover Georgia or South Carolina).


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WCF and WF Complete Samples for .Net 4


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