Sharepoint BCS Connections


Sharepoint BCS: Connecting to an XML file.
Permissions Issues
Hosting BAP in Sharepoint
Pre-requiste WCF LOB Adapter SDK SP2
Download (if you don't have MSDN) Biztalk Adapter pack 2.0
Adapter Pack Overview (Microsoft)

HowToGuide for LOB 1.0

Sharepoint 2010 BCS + SAP

AppDev's Doug Ware.  Georgia SharePoint expert, owner of Elumenotion. 
Exploring Sharepoint 2010 -Module 6 External Data.
Explained how and when to use which content type.  The easiest of the above to follow.
Goal: Learn BCS

1.     Created New Site with defaults for most. 
2.     Created Site Collection


Error 1: When I tried creating a site collection I received this message from SharePoint.
I found this in the Event Viewer:
The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPUsageImportJobDefinition (ID 54f1a2a7-9981-47a9-8cae-f27c5664469a) threw an exception. More information is included below.    Access to the path 'C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions14LOGS' is denied.   
Gave Network Service access to that directory.. 


Error 2:


Fixed by this post.
Formatted box,  Server 2008R2 restarted  ran DCPROMO first, then VS2010 (without express), SQL 2008 R2, SP 2010, SP2010 designer. 
Seems that the Workgroup setup  does not play well with Sharepoint 2010. So remember if you are using a development box you want to make sure it is a doman controller. 

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PDC 2010 streams!

PDC 2010 streams!

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Storing Context Properties onto the document for Break-Fix use in Sharepoint.

Problem: Moving documents to SharePoint removes context properties from message.  Using EDI this makes it difficult to use the Break-Fix Resubmit.

Write using Reflection and a lot of custom code to produce a standarized document to send to SharePoint that would be reusable.

               Original Documentusing xs:any

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Azure Firestarter Wednesday November 10th, 2010 : Alpharetta

I will be there, if any of you are going let me know.  We can plan lunch properly.

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MIA Azure Demo Shell

Note to self:  Create short names.  MicrosoftIntegrationArchitects.BCSSample.Azure failed to Run the first time through with an error message of so:

Where to start New Project:

Windows Azure Tools: Failed to initialize Development Storage service. Unable to start Development Storage. Failed to start Development Storage: the SQL Server instance ‘localhostSQLExpress’ could not be found. Please configure the SQL Server instance for Development Storage using the ‘DSInit’ utility in the Windows Azure SDK.
 Moved to my local instace:
Copy and paste this into a command window.  [Start->run] Type CMD in run then OK.
“C:Program FilesWindows Azure SDKv1.2bindevstoreDSInit.exe” /sqlInstance:.

First Test (Not the URL came up as :5051)  investigated port change, to see if my last implementation was somehow blocking the use of that port.
I ran IISReset [Start->Run] Type IISRESET and then hit OK,  used “Start Debugging” and the site came up properly.
Done for the morning.
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Webcasts and recent reading (Why I haven’t posted much in the last week)

Sharepoint BCS

ESB Toolkit from scratch to Done

ESB Offramp to Azure

SOA with .Net

Thomas Erl’s SOA Design Patterns

Richard Seroter’s SOA Patterns with  BizTalk Server 2009

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MIA Meetup Page tenative:

Using forwarding from

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Getting Laptop Setup for the Sharepoint Workflow Services Talk at the first Integration Users Group meeting.

Loading from MSDN:
Sharepoint 2010
Sharepoint Designer 2010
Sharepoint Workspace 2010
SQL 2008R2

(Up and runnign as of 11:30 am)

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SOA with .NET & Windows Azure Realizing Service-Orientation with the Microsoft Platform

Incredible new book, seems a very easy read. Looks like Brian Loesgan wrote part of this as well.

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Excellent Azure Website. (Group of Developers)

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