Digital Dimensions – Where we will live – Augmented Reality

In a similar concept to Digital Graffiti:

I was thinking of digital dimensions.  With the glasses that could see these dimensions : Google glasses.  To projector based technology that could shine over and show anyone: Sixth Sense, Kinect for Phone, and Single Cell (See previous post).  To camera technology like shown above in the air painter.

With Altimeter, GPS, Compass and Picture you could store the exact information and capture exactly what you write with your finger in real time.  We can easily store an entire digital dimension in the cloud.  I could walk up with my finger and graffiti someone’s house and never get in trouble because I never did a thing to it.

Now let’s say your daughter and her friends wanted to have their own dimension.  Let us then suppose there are other groups of friends who want to share.  They can paint the house colors, turn the sky green or purple.  Mixing and matching friends dimensions.   Instead of sharing posts with friends you’ll share your dimension with others.  I have 540 dimensions!

From an ease of life perspective,  lets customize the dimensions we want to see so we can have exactly what information we want at any time we want at any place.  Maybe someone writes an app for restaurant reviews. So over each restaurant in the air you can see the ratings of that restaurant as you pass by or projected onto the windshield corners or from a projector or a passenger looking through a phone into this dimension.  On the front door your friends left a 5 Stars, “They serve mean coffee” on the door. Map directions as an arrow at your feet.

I can also see this as a possible abuse.  In my day it would have been “Toilet Paper and egg this house guys” and assisting in negligent or harmful activity.  Since you can’t control where the data would be stored you can’t control that the dimension programs wouldn’t be able to scan an area.  This technology is in its infancy.  But I can see these overlapping Digital Dimensions as a way of life.

The picture sucks, but gets the point across.

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