One work around for Management Portal Issues. ESB 2.1 Part 1 – Access is Denied

 Function: GetConfigInfo (SSOProperties)
 Tracking ID: 02e78f85-cfa0-41fb-83fd-d1077521108f
 Client Computer: IRDEV (w3wp.exe:4128)
 Application Name: ESB.instrumentationConfiguration
 Error Code: 0x80070005, Access is denied.

I went and tried to open up the main homepage for the ESB 2.1 Management Portal and low and behold it didn’t work. Baring teeth smile

Though up to this point I had been winging it with the guide and search engines, so I had to rethink many of the prevous installation steps. Nerd smile

I found that my application log was litered with 1 single call. Sarcastic smile

Low and behold there were access errors, and after a long day of creating different log ins and trying to keep track of this I knew this wasn’t going to be a 5 minute fix.


This was my first attempt

I set the Server and ServerAll to my PC Name

ssomanage -serverall IRDEV

ssomanage -server IRDEV 

 Though, as seen in yesterdays blog I did this yesterday as well, but hey the . was back for my local user which was the user I had used for  many of the configuration settings.


At first I thought it may be the user on World wide publishing Service due to the w3wp.exe:4128

Though that wasnt the problem

So  I went into the Application Pools and changed the Application Pool:EsbPortalNetworkAppPool


Set that user with proper permission (which I am assuming is an SSO Administrator)

My Main user was an SSO Admin.

This only left me with a "Application does not exist,"  which I covered in the previous post.

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