BizTalk 2010 Beta WCF Services HowTo: AppPool-SQL walkthrough

Step One:

Start-> Run -> INETMGR


Goto Application Pools:

Add new Application Pool (name is irrelevant)

Then Right click On the New Application pool  and "Set Application Pool Defaults"

Then Choose the … next to the Identity Tab

Set the credentials to a user that has access to the BizTalkMgmtDB or to a new user or to any user you are comfortable with using with this AppPool.


Once Done the Identity should be that name.

If you used a new user or random user you will need to Log into SQL Server 2008R2 and choose the user you created:

Right-Click-> Properties

THen set the appropriate permissions on the database. The account I happened to use is my administrator account on my DEV machine, same user that I used to setup and configure BizTalk.
You will need to allow for appropriate access to your database for your user.
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