Atlanta Code Camp 2013 Speech -A Line of Code.


I will go over how to identify needs, how to not overshoot your expectations an how to get a reasonable beta test out the door in your own time.

I will also be demoing Single Cell, leap, Kinect and WordBoard

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WordBoard – Alpha

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Changed Look of Communications Board.

Have the new highlighting, Black on white and selected White on Black. Adding the real use functionality today so it works like a communicator would. Starting with A waiting for some large mouse move, if nothing. E. If Something then B.

Going to try to do this recursively. Ill let you know how that works out.


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Example Communications Board.


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Back in the saddle. I have all the old stuff working and the Leap SDK loaded.





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Rethreading a single threaded app.

This was solely my biggest challenge this year.

Between BackGroundWorker, SynchronizationContext, Thread.Start(), Begin and EndInvoke. These things aren’t magic and can’t save you from a single threaded application that makes many lots of calls to background synchronous methods that update the UI thread.

No matter what I did , I kept getting the STA thread error until I traced the culprit that was secretly updating the view model that was never thought of to be called from another thread.

I had to reach out a little and tag one of my former co-workers.

Sergey Barskiy, his advice which is very solid led me to really want to upgrade my application to 4.5 which just isn’t doable right now.

His advice in a blog (If you have 4.5) this is a valid approach and suggested:
(He is also the best real-world developer I know in or out of Microsoft).

Due to the lack thereof for using 4.5 I ended up following the rabbit hole into the Reactive Extensions.

Bart J.F. De Smet is brilliant.

This is a great watch for all developers and seems to be a good fit for my current threading blues. Using the Push mechanism rather than Pull.

Finally to finish a video by one of my friends here in Atlanta:

JIm Wooley’s



Now for the fun:   Here is the best information I could find on threading and the ObserveOn SubscribeOn

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Leaping in.


In a nutshell, the Leap motion tracking device detects and tracks hands and fingers placed within its field of view. The Leap captures this data one frame at a time. Your applications can use the Leap API to access this data.

The sample application demonstrates how to use the Leap API to listen for frame events dispatched by the Leap and how to access the hand and finger data in each frame. The application is a small command-line program that prints information about detected hands and fingers to standard output. The application is contained in a single file, Sample.cs.

The sample application uses most of the key classes in the Leap API, including:

Controller — the interface between the Leap and your application

Need to turn this into an object that can work as a mouse pointer
Listener — used to handle events dispatched by the Leap  – no change
Frame — contains a set of hand and finger tracking data – need to whittle it down to one finger
Hand — contains tracking data for a detected hand – no change
Finger — contains tracking data for a detected finger –  this is where the magic comes in.
Vector — represents a 3D position or directional vector – no change
Gesture — represents a recognized gesture. – Need to write a library of gestures.
For more detailed information about these classes, pleases refer to the Leap API reference documentation.

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Ramp up on Sharepoint for work. Pluralsight.*2,3,4,5!andrew-connell_cpt-sp2013-dev-ramp-part1-m2-dev-practices-techniques*1#cpt-sp2013-dev-ramp-part1-m1-understanding-sp2013

Starting with Developer ramp up if anyone wants to do a study group.

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Spatial Mathematics – Trying to smooth out Leap

Click to access 5.pdf

Using the above Doctoral Paper.

Update: Paper on tracking of animals, the mathematics behind this points to LOWESS algorithm.

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Last Piece of my augmented reality device is underway. – Leap Motion

I have finally started on the last piece of the augmented reality device. Part one is to strip the 5 or 6 libraries online and create a usable library out of it.





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