Augmented reality offers entrepreneurs a second chance at the big names.

There is a time coming soon where I truly believe that we will no longer use a computer for most of our computing. To most this means going mobile. However to me this means getting away from cell phones as well, since to me they are small computer screens.

Some examples I’ll be putting out is gesture commands, using camera to take a picture and try to do object detection, and sound input (Siri copy).  All of these can be mapped to different kind of searches (I’ve shown audio and gesture based searching in videos from last year) and I truly believe if you make a great user experience, then you can easily beat out the big guys. 

Facebook will be antiquated and someone with a social network that works with facial detection, another technology we have working and there are API’s for.

The time is coming it is years from now, but start looking ahead and you can be the next Google, Facebook or Twitter.


The Augmented Developer

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