Point of Interest Application (multi dimensional) – Digital Ghosts

A cloud storage that holds information saved about an area by others. Some could be official others could be personal. However when you enter an area you can get an alert to let you know there is more information about this spot. Maybe someone famouse grew up in that house etc. Furthermore, it could go as far to to do statue face recognition and tell you about statues, building structure edge detection and tell you about buildings in that area. Rather than having to distinguish between billions of objects, it would cut that number down by knowing where you are in the world.

Imagine, you enter the Martin Luther King Memorial, an alert appears.  100’s of stories are available to listen too, left by People who knew Dr. King.   You turn to see the statue, as soon as you do the device recognizes the statues face based on a facial recognition file and the I have a dream speech starts playing in your ear.

Now imaging this about a cabin you build next year.  Telling your grandkids about how you built this place by hand and if they visit the spot they can hear your words and see what you saw as you recorded it.  Since we have the devices we can record ourselves when we speak or record exactly what we see when we recorded the audio.   Digital Ghosts

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