Augmented Reality Device Part Deux

So while this still represents an essential sixth sense device. I am preparing it for the Leap Motion and using color and Kinect motion for controls for now. (including a neat tool by a student in India called Rohil Dev called RHLCamMouse. (SOMEONE NEEDS TO hire this kid, he is still in college and cheap!)

I redid the device tonight since I may allow children to use it. To get rid of the rough wire ties.  Furthermore, I got an external usb to hdmi convertor so I no longer need to know or care about the computers outputs. finally this seems to be a fit for all Mac, Linux- Android and Windows devices, since the USB is common across all 3. Finally, it won’t require software like sixth sense or RHLCamMouse nor Opencv nor SLAR.  Since, LeapMotion seems to have taken care of that.

It will work as a gesture mouse, the pico projector as the display and camera will finally just be a camera instead of a mouse.

I added about 3 feet in wires and lost about 2 pounds and nothing is sharp anymore.

The blue is showing the new thin wires used.

This below device is what allows my USB output to output to HDMI or DVI or VGA, HDMI mini is an option for the device so it allowed for about a 2 pound loss.


Marching on!


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