Sandcastle with .Net 4.0

This Builds Help documentation for you. (Based on your Commenting)

I have been asked a few times about the old one, this tool is way easier to use so I figured I’d take out a few minutes to show an example.

How to enhance your documentation via XML documentation over the standard commenting.

(Seems to work fine up to 3.0 and 3.5 SP1. However it error-ed on my EF4 library and anything that references .net 4.0. I think this may be just as easy as adding them to the Documentation Sources as a new source.)

Step 1:

Download (sandcastle main) I had this installed. Though I am unsure if you need it to run the Sandcastle Help File Builder.

Download (sandcastle external tool)


Direct Link:

Sandcastle Help File Builder Installer<>

Start the File Builder (From Program Files)

Select New Project:

This will bring open your documents directory and just name it something.

From the Project explorer window on the tool:

Then Add the EXE’s or DLL’s


I used to have to add the .net 4 directory, but now there is a selection for it.



Once loaded you will see them here:

States output is here:

Compiling c:UsersMarkDocumentsHelpWorkingOutputDocumentation.chm

But was found here:

Compiling c:UsersMarkDocumentsHelpDocumentation.chm



Final Output:

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