Filtering to choose between AS2 and AS2EDI send on non ESB Port Driven Applications

Long story short we had an issue where we needed ot send EDI documents to a customer and AS2 MDN’s to a customer as a response.
The problem was when we started up the AS2 the filters werent properly set.  So every time we created an EDI message out it would send the XML over AS2 (From the AS2 only port) and the complete package EDI packages within AS2EDI send port.
Since MDN’s dont have a payload we found that this filter worked well and blocked our EDI sends from goign out the regular AS2 port.
Using this in the filter worked out well and remember it isnt a string so just False or True will work on that specific send port filter.
This is strict port binding with no Orchestrations, ESB Guidance etc.  Otherwise,I would suggest an altered Dynamic send port.
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